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PPL TransLink is a subsidiary of PPL Corporation, whose companies have nearly 100 years of experience in planning, designing, building and operating transmission lines. We tap into our vast experience to develop innovative solutions that provide access to reliable, clean, and low-cost energy.

Major transmission lines planned and built by PPL include:

  • Susquehanna-Roseland: PPL developed the 101-mile Pennsylvania portion of this 500-kilovolt line, which is making service more reliable for millions of people in the Northeast. The company worked successfully with local, state and federal agencies to obtain all required permits. The line was placed into service in 2015.
  • Northeast-Pocono: PPL built 70 miles of new transmission lines and several new substations to strengthen the delivery system in the Poconos and northeast Pennsylvania. Like Susquehanna-Roseland, this project featured an extensive public input process and collaboration with government agencies. The work was completed in April 2016, more than a year ahead of the original schedule.

When we develop a project, we work hand in hand with the community to achieve solutions that balance community needs, property owners’ rights, environmental concerns, and the need for reliable electric supply.